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What is the Best Alternative to Axminster Carpet? Definity.

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The benefits of Definity carpet far outweigh Axminster. Recyclable, richly textured and fully customizable — Discover the Definity difference.

I am fortunate enough to work in Mohawk Group’s Light Lab Design Center, which houses our entire commercial design team and is the first Living Building Challenge Petal Certified project in the state of Georgia. Our space has incredible views and a positive cooperative environment, but it is the uniqueness of our Petal Certification that sets us apart, providing a constant stream of commercial and hospitality industry professionals touring our space. The feedback we receive from these individuals is one of our most valuable resources.
Blue Carpet for Hospitality - Durkan
While presenting our flooring products to these groups, I consistently get asked the same question: Why would you use Definity instead of Axminster carpet?

Fully Customizable + Precision Sculpted

As a designer, visual aesthetics are always the first thing that come to mind. Durkan’s Definity carpet is fully customizable. Complex designs of any scale can be created with precision sculpting that brings the pattern to life. I experienced this firsthand when I was sent to inspect a rug from our Liike Collection during my first week with Durkan.

As a child I was fortunate enough to spend time with my grandmother, a painter, while she was working in front of her easel using oil paints she mixed with a palette knife. I often thought the swirled mixture of saturated colors bubbling and churning on her palette were just as beautiful as the finished works. I was stunned when we walked in to inspect the rug, and it had beautifully captured the sculpted quality of the paints reminiscent of my grandmother’s palette.


Richer Palettes

The varying levels of cut and loop had taken a simple ten-color design, and turned it into a multicolored masterpiece that appeared to come to life right in front of me. To achieve the same look in Axminster would require at least 22 colors and Michelangelo-level trompe l’oeil design techniques. The textural depth we can achieve is simply unmatched by any other product in the industry at this price point.
Definity Carpet from Durkan

Made in the USA

Durkan’s Definity carpet is manufactured locally. This is a big one for me. I married into a family of local business owners. For years now I have preached ‘buy local’ at any given chance. I am proud to celebrate the multitude of ways local manufacturing benefits the customer and our environment. From a design standpoint, manufacturing locally means our designers have access to the machinery. They are not only trained to understand it, but they have the ability to spend time at our manufacturing facility and experience this process firsthand. This makes them stronger and more adept at achieving the best possible design solution for our custom projects.
Durkan Definity Carpet Manufacturing Machine

Shorter Lead Times

For our consumer manufacturing in the U.S., local production eliminates the long, uncertain lead times needed for international shipping and customs. This allows us to accurately predict completion dates and hit delivery targets needed for renovation and construction of hospitality projects, while decreasing the carbon footprint generated by the logistics of shipping product long distances.


We are all concerned about the environment and the ever growing deposit of plastic waste in our oceans. As consumers we are often conscious of the need to be good stewards, but not always equipped with the information to make the right choices. I am proud to work for a company that plays an active role in protecting the environment and promotes transparency with consumers, giving them the information needed to make choices with a positive impact. Definity is 100 percent recyclable and participates in the Living Building Challenge Declare Program providing a clear, elegant and informative ‘nutrition-label’ for building products for our products.
Mohawk Industries is the largest recycler in the flooring industry currently recycling 3 billion plastic bottles per year (20% of all bottles in the domestic post-consumer market). And, we will also recycle your existing carpet through our ReCover carpet recycling program when you replace it with one of our products. All of this works together to make Definity the truly greener option.

After spending over 10 years designing custom Axminster carpet, I am surprised with how excited I get about Definity. I could rattle on all day, but generally this is the point that I start to lose people’s attention. Another time, I’ll touch on colorfastness of the solution dyed nylon and the ease of cleaning and maintenance. These are just sideline qualities for a product that ropes you in with its beautiful, distinctly sculpted texture, while promoting a positive environmental impact. I am excited to work for Durkan, a company that goes beyond just telling an interesting story by proving through their actions that they Believe in Better.
Download Durkan’s Definity Brochure to Learn More

Elizabeth Bonner, Creative Design Director Hospitality, Durkan

Elizabeth has a long history of designing carpet that includes custom Axminster and hand tufted. Prior to joining the Durkan team, she worked for Tai Ping and Nourison. Elizabeth holds a B.A. of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Printmaking and Ceramics from Berry College in Mt. Berry, Ga. She is a studio potter in her spare time, as well as an active community volunteer.

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