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Weaving Together Luxury and Heritage In a Carpet

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At Tulalip Resort Casino in Washington, even the hallway carpeting tells a story, using patterns that pay homage to the rich traditions of the Tulalip Tribe. This textile storytelling was made possible with Durkan’s Definity technology. The Tulalip (pronounced tuh-lay-lip) Tribe lives on the shores of Puget Sound and owns the 370-room luxury resort casino. The hotel has always celebrated its Native American heritage featuring vibrant Northwest Coast Salish artwork and textures. So when it came time to renovate the corridors, the question became: how could the resort weave together four-diamond luxury, the connection to heritage and the integrity of tribal artistry in the new flooring?

“Our brand is about quality; it’s about welcome; it’s about the culture,” says General Manager Sam Askew. “We wanted to tell that story and carry the culture, not in a way that is so in your face, but in a way that you recognize that this story is important to the Tulalip people. We wanted something that really presents that welcome and that feeling of potlatch that the Salish people are known for. We wanted to be able to take the artwork off the walls and have you know, by the flooring, that you are seeing a Tulalip room.”

With the Definity technology, IDI Studio was able to achieve some highs and lows within the tufting process to give definition, shaping, shadowing and overall luster to the carpet. Because of this innovative manufacturing technology, designers were able to be precise with design and color placement.

Read the full case study Tulalip Resort Casino: Weaving Together Luxury and Heritage in a Carpet.


Other featured areas of the resort include themed elevator landings, public spaces and guest rooms.

Tulalip Resort Casino, Durkan, Mohawk Group, Definity, Soft Surface Flooring, Banko Media


Tulalip Resort Casino, Durkan, Mohawk Group, Definity, Soft Surface Flooring, Banko Media

Mohawk Group, Durkan, Definity, Tulalip Resort Casino, Banko Media, Interior Photography, Hospitality

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  1. I worked in this Industry for over 25 years and it has become so colorful and
    exquisite it is hard for me to understand how they are now achieving this!
    Congratulations to all who put this project together!

    • Thank you so much Renee! We are very proud of this project, and yes, design combined with new technologies is getting more and more sophisticated for the floor! Let us know if you have any great projects you’d like to share. Thank you!

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