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Light Source, the Master of Brain Trickery

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How does lighting make you perceive space?

Why is lighting a space so important? It can make a room of color all shades of gray; it can turn green to blue and turn yellow to orange. With custom designs and colors, lighting can be your friend or foe.

  • Cool Fact #1:  Light and color are inextricably connected; in a sense, light is color.
  • Cool Fact #2:  Color is not a physical property of objects; it is a human physiological and psychological response to light.
  • Cool Fact #3:  Color is made up by the way each individual brain translates it; shifts can occur in color from person to person, and how each expects the color to appear.

Fluorescent vs. Incandescent. Carpet on the left is shown under fluorescent lighting and on the right incandescent. See the difference?

As light pertains to interiors we must understand lighting and, most of all, respect lighting. To start, concoct the perfect combination of color and light for your desired effect. Without an understanding of your desired light source and selecting material in the right source, your beautiful design can turn out to look like it has gone through the blender. Just remember, give lighting the same respect you give every other finish you select! Have them work for you not against you.

Incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, HID-halide, LED. What’s next? ICETRON®, not kidding. It combines fluorescent and magnetic induction technology to provide 100,000-hour average life which is about 25 years.

So, how do you want your client to view your next design? How will they feel when they walk in the room?  Just remember to light it up right! Lighting and color are mood setters, ambience makers, and the masters of brain trickery.

Sherry Lung | Sales Illinois & Missouri, Durkan

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