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Hospitality Flooring Reimagined

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Hospitality flooring has been reimagined with Durkan’s Onyx. Onyx is featured in Durkan’s innovative Definity technology which redefines luxury performance with patterning and textures never before seen in hospitality floorscapes. Enhanced surface detailing provides more than twice the definition of any other high-end hospitality carpet. Durkan’s exclusive technology creates precision sculpted dimension for incredible visual and tactile experiences.

Onyx Durkan Hospitality Flooring

Onxy Reimagines Hospitality Flooring

Stunning Floorscapes In Hospitality Flooring

The Onyx collection demonstrates how Durkan technology can be applied to create stunning floorscapes tailored to every space and end-user.  Onyx is inspired by shimmering waves and swirling clouds, Onyx is constructed to create soft shadowy textures and tonal layering with bright highlights. The precision sculpted accents of the patterns explore and emphasize the technical ability exclusive to Durkan’s Definity construction.

Available in multiple patterns and sizes to fit any hospitality space.

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