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Green Has Sprung In Hospitality Flooring Design

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Decor from ICFF

Colors are shifting in hospitality design, and here at Durkan we are excited about the introduction of so many beautiful shades of greens. Pantone predicted that green would be big this year, which is being reinforced by what we are seeing everywhere we go. Read more about Pantone’s “Greenery” here.

Deep emerald, jade and lime greens are all showing up in inspiration material and interiors. Designers are using them all together or mixing them in with equally varying shades of blue.

This spring, greens stood out at the ICFF show in New York. Plush, velvety emeralds provided the solid base for color palettes that included bright pops of chartreuse, earthy shades of jade, tones of dusty rose, steely, military blues, and deep, dark indigo. Some statements were bold and sharp, while others used saturated shades that faded across clean and simple surfaces allowing the subtle shift of color to be celebrated as it moved across the form.

Photos: Elizabeth Bonner, Creative Design Director Hospitality, Durkan

Our current obsession with green got a serious infusion with a recent trip to the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Arts in Elmhurst, Ill. The collection includes a beautiful range of gemstone and mineral carving, but it was the amazing collection of jade carvings that truly captured our attention. A full tonal range of jade was visible in the intricate details of the hand-carved masterpieces. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that on rare occasion, jade also occurs in shades of light to dark violet.

Photos: Elizabeth Bonner, Creative Design Director Hospitality, Durkan

The hospitality industry has been in a pretty substantial blue period, and we have loved every minute. We are glad to see some of our favorite shades of blue sticking around, but just like springtime, we are rejuvenated by the reemergence of green hues that ground us and remind us to be inspired by the beauty of the nature surrounding us. In fact, our design studio is lucky enough to be immersed in an environment such as our Light Lab, which is surrounded by the saturated colors of Mother Nature.

Mohawk Group Light Lab Design Center

The Durkan design team’s newest creative palettes include splashes of green inspired and informed by our recent travels. We couldn’t wait to get back to our Light Lab Design Center and get started working with these fresh palettes.

What are some of your favorite shades of green that you’ve come across this year? Please share with us in the comments section below!

Elizabeth Bonner, Creative Design Director Hospitality, Durkan

Elizabeth has a long history of designing carpet that includes custom Axminster and hand tufted. Prior to joining the Durkan team, she worked for Tai Ping and Nourison. Elizabeth holds a B.A. of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Printmaking and Ceramics from Berry College in Mt. Berry, Ga. She is a studio potter in her spare time, as well as an active community volunteer.



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