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Flooring Solutions for Stoney Creek Deliver Product And A Beautiful Space

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This Stoney Creek Hospitality Missouri location features Durkan’s first hotel lobby installation with products using our Definity technology. Other products used on the project for public spaces feature Durkan’s printed Synthesis technology. Kim Drautz, president and chief operating officer of Stoney Creek Hospitality, gives an overview of her team’s experience searching for a total flooring solution.

“When a supplier says that they can provide a flooring solution for every space, we expect them to deliver a product and a beautiful space. As an end user, it is extremely helpful when one supplier can do it all. Building trust is key. When a million dollar building project is in progress and deadlines must be met, a supplier that steps up makes a difference. Our Stoney Creek location is a perfect example of this scenario. We challenged the Mohawk Group brands to provide a comprehensive flooring solution – from guest rooms to the lobby to back-of-house to conference spaces. Durkan’s Merit collection provided a beautiful selection of patterns and colors at a price point that fit our budget. Typically, the required yardage in these areas is higher, so finding a long-lasting solution at a low price point was key. For our corridors, pre-function area and conference space, we needed just the right amount of texture to give the wide spaces depth and dimension. In these particular environments, we used Durkan’s Synthesis products. In order to make sure our customized patterns worked in harmony across the entire project, we had to work closely with Durkan’s design team. As they say, it takes a village! We were able to use several different patterns that ultimately coordinated seamlessly, creating a unified project.  In impact areas like our lobby, we opted for a Durkan Definity product since this technology provides a luxurious aesthetic.  It is the wow factor when you walk through the doors of Stoney Creek that sets the tone for what our guests will see as they make their way through the building.  For other parts of our lobby as well as in our public restrooms, we used DalTile. Finally, for our back-of-house and administrative areas, we selected carpet tile. The Durkan and Mohawk Group teams exceeded our expectations and did what they said they would – delivered a total flooring solution for multiple part of the project, which in the end provided Stoney Creek with a beautiful space.”

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