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Durkan’s Custom Design for Ethereal Art Installation by Janet Echelman

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There is nothing more exciting than seeing a custom Durkan carpet made exclusively for an art installation. Because of Durkan’s extensive custom capabilities, we are fortunate that product as art happens every so often, and when it does, it is visual euphoria. The most recent art installation that includes Durkan is Janet Echelman’s  Possible Futures Of A Line, Traveling Through Space And Time, 2016The installation was created using custom-braided colored fiber that is knotted into netting, a custom rug made by Durkan and LED colored lighting. 

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of having Janet Echelman as the keynote at Durkan’s Design Summit, where she focused her talk on how she inspires, moves and makes people think through art. She is known for blurring the boundaries between craft and technology, nature and physics. In this most recent installation, she invites visitors to experience an ethereal transformation. The installation is part of Weaving Dreams at the 26th edition of Miniartextil, an international exhibition of contemporary fiber art.

The experiential artwork creates an immersive environment that invites guests into soft folds and ethereal masses, as it transforms with colored light. The exhibition’s name reveals the artist’s fascination with measurement of time, and a personal attempt to make sense of the space time continuum and the fact that time is not always linear. The creator imbued the trajectory of each line with a narrative history, placing the observer in the very middle of the installation.

Collaborating closely with Durkan’s design team to realize Janet’s vision, a custom Precision Dye Injected Color-shield Cut 36 was created using a range of 12 exquisite gray colorways, ranging from light to dark values. The installation is part of Miniartextil’s show that takes place in Paris and Como, Italy, on view now through Summer 2017.

The following exhibition photos were taken by Ilaria Provenzi.

dsc_0025 dsc_0036 dsc_0049 dsc_0058 dsc_0118 dsc_0141 dsc_0080

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