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Design Chat with Virginia Langley

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Where do you live and where did you grow up? How did these environments influence your approach design?

Well, there’s quite a lot to combine here as I am British, but I was born in Africa and lived there the first part of my youth. I am now American and my home is in beautiful Palm Springs, California. My first time to California I fell in love with it. I really enjoy the lifestyle here. SoCal has such a great creative vibe, too!

I have lived in Africa, the UK, Asia, New Zealand and now the U.S. What has influenced me most environmentally is the outdoors … nature, specifically. I have been fortunate to live in a few different countries with diverse cultures. I believe this has given me the ability to be very versatile in my designing and creativity.

When designing for the hospitality segment, what current trends influence your work?

Textures, for sure!

What is your one go-to place for inspiration?

Nature … riding my horses or being at the coast 🙂


Imagery can come in all different shapes and forms. Are there specific visuals that kick off an idea or inspire new design concepts?

I take my camera or sketch book everywhere I go. You never know what you might see and where!

Durkan’s newest collection, Trisara, is inspired by Zen garden designs. How do you translate this concept into diverse patterns for the floor?

I have been studying Feng Shui for design. Also, meditation has helped me get more in touch with my creative side. Trisara means “the third garden in heaven” in ancient Sanskrit. I wanted to translate that ideal into pattern and for one to literally feel the tranquility and harmony expected in a Zen garden. Textures from stone, ripples from little ponds, organic influences … these are all designed together in a modern and abstracted style.


Your inspiration visuals tell us you’ve done a lot of traveling. Can you share with us your favorite hotel or hotel experience?

Ahh, that’s a tough one. So many favorite places. However, one does stand out – Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie. It’s a resort on an island named La Digue in the Seychelles. The most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen is on that island. The resort incorporates nature in all their decor, so you always feel as though you’re somewhere especially exotic and far away all the time.



What is your guilty pleasure? C’mon, we all have at least one!

Well, gosh … at least you’re only asking for one because believe me I have more than one, and, it’s not chocolate! Strangely enough I’m more into the savories if we’re talking food. A good New Zealand rack of lamb is what I will treat myself to now and then. Tons of calories … but oh yum! 😉


VL_IMG_2_close_up2Virginia Langley is a design collaborator with our hospitality brand, Durkan. Virginia designs CYP and Print products for Durkan. Explore Durkan’s website to see all of Virginia Langley’s designs.


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